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Tax Refunds: Track your refund

If you would like to know when you will be receiving your tax refund — this is the place to check.

Small Business Information

Tax Guide for Small Business: IRS information about taxes relevant for Small Businesses. A handy alphabetical index covering diverse topics aids effective navigation of this extremely useful publication.

FAQ’s for Small Business: Get answers to your questions! Use this FAQ to get insights into Marketing, Financial Statements and many more issues.

Government Information

FedWorld: John Q. Public meets Uncle Sam at FedWorld. You will find a wealth of government and business information-everything from government standards to 17,000 trade-related documents and up-to-date analyses of major U.S. industries at

U.S. Business Advisor: Billed as the one-stop electronic link to government for business. Topics include doing business with the government, international trade, finance, labor and employment.

Local Links

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Effective 1/1/2018)

Capitalization Policy