Pedelahore & Co. Accounting

A manufacturer, a dairy farm, and an entertainment venue all have this in common: they want the guidance and oversight of an excellent accounting firm, they need superb business advice, and they all choose one of Louisiana’s most trusted accounting firms — Pedelahore & Co.

We see every tax filing, every phone call, every meeting as part of a larger goal: getting to know a business so well that we become an indispensable source of sound financial advice and a true servant of the client’s long-term business interests. That’s been our mission since we opened our doors in 1945.

Pedelahore provides solutions in a proactive manner by partnering with individuals and the business community, while encouraging the goals of our individual members.

To accomplish this, we practice with the following objectives in mind:

  • Maintain the technical and industry expertise that services client needs
  • Establish and enforce policies and procedures that assure the quality of our services meets the requirements of our clients, our profession and our firm
  • Adhere to and support the professional code of ethics as described by the AICPA, LACPA and the Louisiana State Board of Accountancy
  • Attract, develop and retain staff who are committed to their own professional growth and serving our clients
  • Maintain a staff level that provides the opportunity to respond to our client’s need when determined
  • Seek out and embrace each opportunity to improve our practice
  • Recognize that individual’s need time for family, outside interests and themselves as well as for work